Collect. Analyze. Predict.

The only platform of its kind to provide actionable information and a dynamic intelligence collection capability that works for all users.

The platform

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Quori Platform

Quori improves your ability to monitor and analyze the world around you, to predict risk, and to report information instantly and accurately.

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  • Dashboard

    See incidents and information live. Make faster and more informed decisions.

  • Predictions

    Predict your highest risk at least 24 hours in the future. Inform your planning, and stop crime, attacks, and accidents before they happen.

  • Insights

    Identify emerging trends in your data. Find efficiencies, spot patterns, vulnerabilities, and opportunities.

  • Alerts

    Receive and broadcast alerts to secure areas, alert personnel, and keep your personnel safe and informed.

  • Cases

    Create and collaborate on things that need attention. Manage multiple information streams, monitor progress and outcomes.

The results

Quori’s powerful AI and risk management capabilities have a proven record of reducing losses, detecting vulnerabilities, and helping prevent crime.

  • 114%

    Product Recovery

    Users are 114% more likely to recover stolen product when operating in Quori-predicted areas.

  • 75%

    Crime Reduction

    Users have reduced crime on their operations by up to 75% in the first 12 months of using Quori.

  • 66%


    Security personnel catch criminals in the act 66% of the time in Quori-predicted areas.

  • 97%

    Vulnerability Detection

    97% of Quori predictions highlight vulnerabilities used to target high value areas and assets.