How Predictive Analytics is Strengthening
Mozambique’s National Security

Case Study 

From its launch in 2016, Quori made it possible to predict areas that would be at the highest risk of illegal mining 24 hours in the future using artificial intelligence. The result was an over 80% reduction in illegal miners in the area. Using a combination of AI and intelligence fusion, Quori gave security forces daily, proactive insights that enabled them to target criminal activity more quickly and efficiently.

Security force personnel were frequently able to catch criminals in the act, sometimes stopping illegal activity before it even began. In many cases Quori predicted risk in previously unknown ‘hotspots’, with thousands of illegal miners and criminal syndicates operating in them.

Today, fewer than 1,000 illegal miners operate in the same area. The land shows vegetation regrowth, and several animal species have returned. The reduction in illegal mining has also limited the operations of terrorists and criminal syndicates.