Quori Launches AI Vision Feature to Combat Environmental Crime and Enhance National Security

5 June 2024

Quori, a global leader in operational intelligence solutions, has launched a revolutionary AI Vision feature to its platform. This cutting-edge capability uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect, classify, and track people and objects of interest in images and video. Then the system uses the detections to generate reports and even predictions of future risk.

“Our new AI Vision feature is a powerful solution for governments and organizations with challenges like porous borders, smuggling, theft, and environmental crime,” says Marta Tufa, co-founder and CEO of Quori. “It enables users to automatically detect highly specific scenarios, such as border incursions and illegal mining while reducing the hours spent by operators and analysts. When combined with our predictive capability, the feature dramatically enhances operational capability. First, by automatically detecting what you’re looking for. Then, by fusing this information to predict where you’re most likely to see risk in the next 24 hours.” 

Quori’s AI Vision will be a key player in bolstering national security through enhanced situational awareness and information classification. Particularly along porous borders, the new feature aids security forces and partners in effectively monitoring and preventing serious threats. By automatically detecting, counting, and classifying people carrying weapons or crossing sensitive areas, Quori’s AI Vision provides invaluable support to safeguard nations. As part of a comprehensive operational intelligence strategy, AI Vision also reduces the risk of human oversight or tampering.

Quori uses supervised machine learning algorithms to ensure the accuracy of AI Vision. The new feature is trained on a carefully annotated dataset that contains over 260,000 frames, covering a wide range of complex environments, objects, and densities under different weather and lighting conditions. Depending on our client’s needs, AI Vision can use unsupervised machine learning algorithms to learn from millions of user-submitted images. This enables the feature to continually improve in every unique operational environment. This new feature will supercharge the effectiveness of the Quori operational intelligence system, which government partners already praise as “game-changing” for national security efforts.

The new AI Vision feature demonstrates Quori’s commitment to leading the future of operational intelligence and delivering better results to its partners through innovative solutions. By automatically detecting, classifying, and tracking people and objects and generating comprehensive reports, Quori’s AI Vision empowers organizations to make informed decisions and take proactive measures to combat environmental crime and enhance national security.

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