How a Government Agency is Using Data
Reporting To Protect Its Global Workforce

Case Study 

How do you keep track of a truly global workforce? In hostile environments, the stakes are even higher. Discover how a government agency transformed its tracking, risk management, and data reporting for enhanced situational awareness and security.

Keeping Track of a Global Workforce

The government agency is responsible for tracking, risk management, and security of its personnel, which requires significant manpower and effort from their headquarters. However, the agency has faced operational challenges due to using several disparate platforms. During a critical incident in 2019, it took the agency over 48 hours to account for all its personnel.

Additionally, deployed personnel often miss unique opportunities to collect data and information from their deployments, which the government agency could analyze to create actionable intelligence.

Hitting the Ground Running 

Since 2021, the government agency has been able to manage its global deployments more effectively with the help of Quori. The operational intelligence system provides live tracking, geofencing, SOS, and alerts during regular operations as well as in an emergency, benefiting both personnel and headquarters. 

One of Quori’s biggest advantages is that it runs on existing hardware, making the system rollout fast, cost-effective, and intuitive. In fact, the personnel required almost no training and were operational on the system within minutes, improving situational awareness.

Creating Global Situational Awareness

The Quori operational intelligence system now provides the government agency with 24/7 live, global situational awareness from all deployments in one place.

“Quori provides 24/7 live, global situational awareness.”

Through the Quori mobile app, personnel can now consistently gather data that may have previously missed. This helps enhance the available data for further analysis, risk assessment and intelligence fusion. The app allows users to create geolocated reports complete with photographs and key metrics, which can be transformed into actionable intelligence.