How a Mining Company Improved Security
Through Digital Transformation

Low hanging cloud over a gold mine

Case Study

Overcoming the Challenges of Data Collection

The mining company experienced several security issues on site, including insider fraud and safety risks to operational personnel, which had a financial impact over time. While the company’s headquarters resolved such incidents quickly, managers lacked consistent and structured information about the root cause of problems. 

The mining company used multiple platforms to collect critical data, including operational information and asset tracking. Sometimes, the data was collected in an unstructured way or through non-digital channels. These methods significantly burdened operational personnel and hampered any meaningful understanding, analysis, or resolution of the security issues.

Digitally Transforming the Operational Workforce

The simplicity of the Quori operational intelligence system made it possible to get up and running with minimal technical expertise, which empowered users at every level. The mining company moved towards increased digitalization by layering multiple feeds such as drones, tracking, asset management and personnel details onto the Quori system.

This digital transformation has streamlined data collection to improve situational awareness, strengthened data analysis to understand patterns, and provided accurate predictions to enhance organizational security.

Delivering a Better Operational Environment

Quori has vastly improved the mining company’s capabilities and saved time. Within 18 months, structured information and reporting increased by over 100%, and manual hours spent on related tasks were reduced by 50%.

Data analysis revealed particular patterns, such as peak days, hours, and locations of criminal activity. This intelligence enabled security teams to disrupt criminal syndicates targeting the mining company and insider threats. 

The mining company also enhanced their situational awareness, improving risk management. Through the Quori operational intelligence system, the location of valuable assets and operational personnel were better accounted for at all times, improving by over 70%.